Ricardo Puyana

My marketing story!

My Marketing Story

I am a Marketer, from Venezuela with over 6 years of experience in business on beverages, dental, and e-commerce. I specialize in digital marketing.

My passion for digital marketing has driven my career, I accumulate experience in both B2B and B2C Marketing, PR, and political communications. For more information check my LinkedIn profile!

Professional Marketing Career

I am currently employed as a Digital Marketing Coordinator for a dental health technology company, where I oversee local activities in the US and digital campaigns in Spain.

I love talking about digital marketing! Also, social media, analytics, and digital branding are topics that I usually discuss in my blog.

I offer consulting in e-commerce, digital marketing execution, and E-mail marketing strategy. For more information, you can reach out to me in the contact section!

I have work for brands such as Johnnie Walker, Nestle, Diageo, Mastercard, Delta Airlines, and Elmor pharmaceutics. 

Persona interest

Lastly, I’m a huge sports fan, especially Baseball, Soccer, and Basketball. One of my goals in life is to attend a game in every MLB park, so far 6/30.

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