The digital marketing transformation has been accelerated because of the impact of COVID on our daily lives. In fact, for most brands, change has become a priority to adapt to the new reality. For example, a Survey by Twilio reported that 97% of companies had accelerated their digital transformation.

This post will discuss the importance of integrating digital and traditional communications channels through the customer life cycle.

Setting up digital marketing transformation objectives

Firstly, as in any project in business, the first step should be to set up goals. Therefore, as part of the digital transformation, we must align our e-marketing objectives with our traditional business objectives.

Thus, our first steps would be to conduct an audit to evaluate our e-marketing performance and understand how our digital landscapes interact with our customer’s lifecycle. Also, assessing the market to understand what our competitors are doing and setting up benchmarks will help us make smart goals.  

In summary, by understanding our reality, including our strengths and weaknesses. While also benchmarking our competition, we should develop our goals to open the door for selecting our strategic approach.

Selecting the strategic approach

Secondly, we must define our approach. To begin, its important to define the brands value proposition offer through our digital channels. Next its important to define the communication mix: what social media platforms to use, what will be the SEM approach, will there be a chatbox or not, email marketing strategy, among others.  

Delivering digital marketing transformation results

Finally, implementing the plan making the best possible customer experience, and executing all the digital communication channels. Furthermore, it is key to constantly measure and compare results with benchmarks to determine what needs to be adapted for good or bad.

To conclude, digital marketing will continue to evolve. The internet constantly changes, so as a digital marketer, you must be ready to evolve. Always keep researching trends and how to improve!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s article, during the next weeks I will be discussing further into digital marketing strategy, so keep tuned!

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash