Attention in consumer behavior is the amount of focus placed on a cognitive capacity dedicated to a marketing stimulus. Along with perception and comprehension is one of the three pillars in understanding information processing in consumer behavior.

On this blog, we will discuss how brands can catch the attention of consumers. I will mention some pointers on branding and stimuli. I hope it can help your marketing ideas!

How your branding strategy impacts consumer attention

Building a strong brand is the dream of any marketer, as it will serve as the base to build loyalty and even charge premiums. Some of the best practices for a brand to build attention are:

  • Firstly, connect emotionally with your customers. A good story will be a powerful vehicle for powerful messaging, but it must be more than a rational pitch. It should win the hearth of the customer.
  • Secondly, your brand values should be aligned with your target customer’s values. Increasing this connection will make your brand more likable and will catch their attention.
  • Thirdly, offer clear and relevant information about your brand that is worthy of your customer’s attention, like explaining your product, its components, and what makes it different.
  • Fourthly, repetition and consistency will in the long run increase attention.
  • Finally, coming up with a brand name that easily is associated with the benefit or action can increase attention when customers are looking for a solution.

Stimulus that increase consumer attention

A good rule of thumb is that the stimulus that you want to offer your customers should be a pleasant one. Stimuli can be built around mental cognition, the senses, or even timing. Let’s look at each type and some examples:

  • Cognitive: Here we again mention emotions. Making stimuli relatable tends to increase the chances of success. For example, using a spokesperson that your customers love, or by associated with activities that they love such as sports or entertainment.
  • Visual: By making the message clear and easy to understand you can increase attention. Another strategy is to surprise your customer with your creativity.
  • Smells: Using perfume, aromas or even the smell of chocolate can keep customers a few extra seconds in your store, meaning better sales.
  • Taste: Trying out new products with a taste trial is a great way to get attention to your product.
  • Touch: There are products that they are so relaxing and pleasant to touch that can help you sell. Another good trick is to give branded products like stress relief balls so that customers associate your brand with something relaxing.
  • Hearing: listening to relaxing music before your dental clean up is good to relax. Also, if you are shopping for certain products a good rock and roll can get you in the mood to buy something you find cool.
  • Timing: Showing the just at the right time, for example at noon when people are starting to get hungry show them a stimulus for delicious pizza!
Consumer attention best practice 3M: Security Glass - Creative Criminals
Consumer attention best practice 3M: Security Glass – Creative Criminals

Final ideas

To conclude, increasing attention on your brand comes from having a clear idea of your customer preferences. The better segment your customers, then easier this will be to determine.

I hope you enjoyed this article, as I just said one of the key elements to be effective in providing stimuli to your customers is to properly segment them to be effective. On that note, you can learn more by reading my last week’s post on How to use cluster analysis to segment your customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash