Effective content strategy builds credibility, authority, and a conversation with your audience about why your product is different and preferable. We already discussed how to create content. Therefore as a next step, we will discuss strategies that you can apply on social media.

In this post, we will focus on three strategies that you can use on social media with examples. The strategies discussed will be to build a storytelling series, live interviews streaming, and using video as keystone content.

Post a series using storytelling

Firstly, let’s talk about building a series. Storytelling creates anticipation, and if your story is interesting, your customers will visit your page to read about it! For example, we can talk about one of my favorite Instagram pages: Humans of New York.

Humans of New York is a blog made by Brandon Stanton. He shares shorts stories on Instagram posts and uses storytelling to engage with users and cleverly promote his books, crowdfunding for causes, and awareness on different issues. So, don’t forget to check that account after you read this 😉.

To summarize, building a story, you will need planning, a hero, and a storyline. Connecting emotionally will become a powerful asset for your goals.

Brandon Stanton a genius of storytelling and content strategy.
Brandon Stanton a genius of storytelling and content strategy. Source @humansofny on IG

Live content strategy

Secondly, we have live content. Some brands are afraid of this because you can’t control what goes on live. However, live content is authentic and genuine, something that audiences can come to connect. Also, it’s a great way to build credibility!

On my experience, we have made over 15 live shows on Instagram, bringing different experts on dental. This has allowed us to catch new followers and build credibility on our own!

To finalize this segment, I give you three recommendations on having a successful live stream:

  1. Choose your channel. For example, Instagram and YouTube Live have had great results depending on your industry. Facebook Live is another exciting channel.
  2. Plan your content and have key points to discuss with previously tested messages. (This is also PR 101)
  3. Finally, rehearse. Have a college do a mock interview with your IG live speaker. Practice makes perfect.

Have video as your keystone content strategy

Thirdly, we have video, and it might seem like a lot of work, but it sure pays off. In my personal experience with video format, I have gotten an 80% lower cost per click than on picture content on my ads. And the best part of it is that it does not have to be a Hollywood production.

For instance, lets look at a video made by The Dollar Shave Club:

This was very low cost to produced and it generated an AMAZING buzz on the internet. The Dialogue was on point and it really touched a marketing insight on the needs of their audience while also being engaging by using comedy. As a result, this video has been played more than 27 million times!

To conclude our last segment my recommendations on video are:

  1. Dedicate time to script and planning before producing the video.
  2. KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid. In other words, don’t get your audience to overthink go right to the point.
  3. Make sure to have a wow effect on the first 10 seconds. That is the usual attention span to catch viewers on social media.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s article. If you like this post, you might want to check out last week’s article, Social media listening: how to do it. If you have any questions, please leave a comment on the section below.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash