Content marketing involves planning, creating, distributing, and publishing content. For instance using content on social media is a powerful way to capture leads, generate credibility, and most importantly, increase sales.

You can also use content as part of your inbound marketing strategy. However, in this post, we will focus on how to plan, create, and publish your content on social media.

Planning your content marketing

As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of the Little Prince would say, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Mr. Antoine should know because he was not only a writer but also a war pilot on WWII. For example, going into battle without a plan is a sure way to fail.

Likewise, the same goes for content marketing. You need to plan your content. For example, What are you going to say? On what channel? How are you going to publish? And who in your team will be responsible for writing, design, and edit? What software or apps will help you?

Above all, your team must work together. Therefore, I recommend scheduling a one hour (not more) weekly meeting to brainstorm new ideas and visualize content. Not judging, organization, and above all, leadership can create a culture of creativity that will help you hit a message that fits your target market and build your brand voice.

Finally, to create a culture for creativity I recommend reading Creativity Inc, the story of how Pixar became a creative empire.

Creating your content marketing

Great you have your plan, your tools, and your team roles and meetings. What is next? EXECUTION.

Therefore here are my recommendations for creating successful content marketing:

  • First, build customer personas based on your customer’s needs, interests, characteristics, and demographics.
  • Secondly, benchmark your competition and analyze their content. What has work for them? This can help you start.
  • Thirdly create your content. If needed, hire freelancers to help you write, photograph, record, or edit video. Also, its good to have a member of your team review and edit content before approval.
  • Fourthly, Organize, and publish your content. Remember to engage with the users that comment.
  • Lastly, measure and analyze results. Learn what works best, what does not. Having a post that did not work is not failure but part of the learning curve. However, repeating your mistakes would be a failure.

To conclude, my final tips would be to make your content simple and concrete to understand. Moreover, aim to reach an emotional connection with your customer and use stories as a vehicle to reach your goals.

Best tools to publish on social media

There are many apps and programs that can help you. This are my top 3 recommendations without any order:

  • First, Hootsuite. A strong application for organizing, collaborating, and publishing content.
  • Second, Sprout Social. Excellent for posting, and very strong on analytics. Though, it’s the most expensive.
  • Third, Later. Is one of my favorites however, I think it focuses too much on IG. It is less expensive so if you work with only Instagram it could be a great choice.

Content marketing calendar by Later
                                          Content marketing calendar by Later

To summarize, these tools will allow you to build a social media calendar, collaborate across as a team, and analyze what content gets better results.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s article. If you like this post, you might want to check out last week’s article on how to improve social media engagement. If you have any questions, please leave a comment on the section below.

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash