2020 has not been the year we all imagine back at new years eve while we were setting up our new year resolutions. However, it still can be an opportunity for growth and learning. As part of that idea, I have dedicated this year to earning certifications and learning about new software.

Among the software that has caught my attention, it’s clear that Tableau has been one of the most important. In most of the job applications that I made before landing my current position Tableau was mentioned, or many employees required data visualization experience.

In this article I will talk about the benefits of Tableau as a program and the opportunities for employment that can come from becoming a master in Tableau.

Why use Tableau

  • It offers a high degree of data integration: Tableau is an excellent program to work with different data sources. Its software is one of the most dynamic and has few integration issues (You can learn more at their webinar). As another plus, you can even connect different data sources as long as there is a common attribute.
  • Easy manipulation and visualization of your data: You can connect different data sources, make calculations, and express the data quickly in a variety of graphics.
  • User friendly: The interface of the program is straightforward to learn. If any doubts, their learning academy is excellent.
  • Software assistance: In case you are not sure how to present your data, the own software can offer recommendations to make you look great!
Sample analysis on Tableau.
Sample analysis on Tableau.

Benefits of using Tableau for your professional career

  • More demand from companies: As the value of data analysis increases in decision making, having teams that can analyze, interpret, and present information has become crucial. This decade managing data will be one of the most important jobs.
  • Higher wages: A tableau developer earns, on average more than 100K a year, while a marketing manager’s average salary sits around 65 to 70 thousand a year.
  • Large companies use and require Tableau: Dream of working on Facebook, Dell, GM, or one of the big consulting firms? Knowing Tableau will give you a competitive advantage.
  • New position opportunities: Are you interested in taking your skills as a business analyst, business intelligence, or a consultant. Learning to communicate data effectively will allow us to make actionable recommendations.   

I hope you enjoyed this week’s article. If you want to learn more about databases, please see my last week’s post. I will also continue to write about Tableau next week, so keep tuned!

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash