As we continue to be on quarantine, a shift in consumer shopping preferences has been felt in the economy to prevent exposure to the COVID-19. As a result store traffic has gone completely cold in thousands of businesses, however various e-commerce sites are thriving.

This crisis is likely going to impact us for more weeks, creating new habits for customers doing online shopping. Therefore you should invest in improving your digital presence on your website, social media, and email. Not only for the present situation but also for the future.

On the topic of websites, we will talk about your homepage. A good homepage needs at least three key ingredients: domain name, hero image, and a clear call to action.

Domain address for your website

Think of your domain address like your home address, before inviting friends over you need clear instructions on how to arrive at your house. The same applies to your company. You need to do your best on securing a domain name associated with your brand.

An example of a company that struggles with this issue is Peloton. They have tried solving the issue with a domain called but having only peloton would be ideal, however, in their case, it’s own by another company.

Pro tip: If you are starting a brand, the domain name is certainly something you want to buy before its too late.

Homepage’s hero image

Your hero image is the photography or animation that serves as a web banner for your website. This is your first impression to your clients. Forming positive first impressions is crucial for every relationship in the world.

Place a hero image or carousel that reflects positively on your product but does not steal the spotlight of the next element that we will discuss, the call to action.

Hero image at a homepage
Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza hero image at their homepage

Homepage’s call to action

Last week we discuss how to make a clear call to action. Here is where you should apply your learnings. Depending on your business funnel you should select a proper call to action.

For example, looking at the website of Chipotle we see that they have a very clear call to action to order now.

A call to action in homepage
An example CTA by chipotle at their website

Other important elements in your website’s homepage

Other elements that you should pay close attention are the look and feel of your website, make sure it’s attractive. Also, proofread the text and make sure you make your value proposition clear and easy to understand. Finally, make sure you design a user experience for your website that anyone can follow along.

I hope you enjoy this week’s article, next week I will discuss social media strategy and what actions you can do to elevate your brand. If you have any questions or good websites to recommend, leave a comment below!

Photo by Le Buzz on Unsplash