The covid-19 crisis has swept the world, changing the world as we know it. Businesses have been shut down, workers that are able to have switched to teleworking, and social distancing is the norm. For restaurants, the way of business has changed to operating only by pick up or delivery.

Because of that, I wanted to write this article to help businesses that are not digital savvy to be able to offer their products with the following recommendations.

Adapt your communications

The situation will become worse before it gets better, and sadly, many families will be affected. You should adapt your communications as consumers will be emotionally upset. Limit your communication to provide value and information while connecting as humans with your customers.

For example, some brands changed their logos in accordance with the crisis, an example is Mercado Libre, an E-Commerce site that changed their logo from a handshake to an elbow bump promoting social distancing. Also, Uber is waiving delivery fees, supporting both their client restaurants and to be supportive of customers.

Before and after logo communication from Mercado Libre during the Covid-19 crisis
Before and after logo communication from Mercado Libre during the Covid-19 crisis

Remember being informative and empathetic with your customer, if you want to get creative, do it by generating valuable content during the crisis. Therefore, the golden rule is that before communicating anything, ask yourself what is the value in what is im communicating? Is it meaningful in the context? if the answer is yes, go ahead!

Invest in your digital landscape

Make a checklist: Do you have social media channels? Are they active? Does your website offer delivery or pickup of products? Is it easy and intuitive to use? Do you have an email database? Do you know any local bloggers or influencers? Can you sign up for other sales platforms like Uber Eats, Amazon, or others? Do your employees have digital knowledge? Do your employees know how to use social media and a website? You probably would be amazed by how they could help!

Once you understand your capabilities, I would recommend investing in having a good website and a clear customer journey for buying online if you don’t have it already. And if you are new to the delivery business model your staff will also need clear instructions on how to deliver under the recommended sanitation guidelines.

Work on your Local SEO and digital exposure

I already mentioned having a website as a key asset of your digital landscape. For instance, you will need to work on your website to make sure that people from homes looking for your product find you. You will require links to your website. Contact any blogger, organization, or platform that can send you a link on their websites mentioning your products. For example, you can E-mail or call your contacts to try to get it.

Doing so effectively will give your business better visibility on search engines, as platforms such as Google value positively to have links pointing to your site.

Finally, define keywords best associated with your product or service, and invest in ads for SEO and even social media. Above all, you need to realize that unlike in the real world where we need to make social distancing, in the digital world, we need to connect more than ever!

As I have written recently, the coronavirus is going to have an impact that will need a digital transformation. This crisis will affect our lives for the following months and as a result, it will surely impact our way of life. Improving your digital presence will help your business! If you need help you can contact me, or you can leave a question in the comment section below!

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash