Product, price, place, and promotion. If you made any marketing workshops you have heard about them, if you studied marketing you probably have had nightmares with them (or with the AIDA, 4C, 4A, among other marketing approaches). And yes, developing your product, having the right price, locating in the correct time and space, and promoting its key to results. But I want to focus this space to reflect on a new p that is being discussed.

People, the 5th P, is an element that should be on the frontline of your marketing strategy approach, that sadly many companies take for granted. The people that make your business, your staff, sales team, your audience, fans, partners and just every single individual that takes part in the process of delivering value.

Think about customer service, would an upset person treat others kindly and try to give service that goes above and beyond? Second, if you need technical work, are your employees truly trained? Third, are your employees, partners, and allies motivated to work with you and committed to your company’s success? Having good people will bring good results. Working in a company with a strong business culture will mean that workers are more likely to go the extra mile, retaining talent can be less costly, and lastly a culture of giving ideas and caring about your business will increase employee engagement. So, invest in your organizational culture, invest in your people, invest in success!

How are you taking care of everyone that takes a role in your organization? What ideas are you implementing in your business? Leave your questions or ideas in the comment section below.

Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash